Brand Management Templates for Accountants


As an accountancy firm, it’s essential to maintain a professional brand image to attract and retain clients. One way to achieve this is by using Canva, a popular graphic design platform, to create visually appealing marketing materials and other documents. Square1 Design can take your brand management to the next level by creating templates that ensure consistency in your brand’s visual identity.

Here are some ways Canva can benefit your accountancy firm, especially when used in conjunction with Square1 Design Group’s brand management templates:

  1. Professional-looking. Canva offers a wide range of templates for everything from social media posts to brochures and business cards. With a little customisation, you can create documents that are professionally designed and eye-catching. This can help your accountancy firm stand out in a crowded market and make a positive first impression on potential clients.
  2. Consistent branding. Using Canva in combination with Square1 Design Group’s brand management templates ensures consistency in your branding across all materials. This includes using the same colours, fonts, and design elements in all of your marketing collateral. This consistency is essential in building trust with clients and establishing a strong brand identity.
  3. Time and cost-effective. Canva is a cost-effective solution for creating marketing materials and other documents. Rather than hiring a full time graphic designer or using expensive software, you can create high-quality materials yourself using Canva’s user-friendly interface. Additionally, partnering with Square1 Design Group to create brand management templates can save time and resources in the long run, as you can easily apply the same design elements to all future materials.
  4. Social media marketing. Social media is an important aspect of any modern marketing strategy, and Canva offers a range of templates specifically designed for social media platforms. Using these templates, you can quickly edit the designs and create eye-catching graphics for your accountancy firm’s social media accounts, helping you to engage with clients and potential clients on these platforms.
  5. Versatility. Canva’s versatility is another benefit for accountancy firms. You can use it to create marketing materials, such as brochures and business cards, as well as internal documents, like proposals and invoices. This versatility makes Canva an essential tool for any accountancy firm looking to improve its brand management.

Using Canva in conjunction with Square1 Design’s brand management templates is an excellent way for an accountancy firm to improve its branding efforts. By creating professional-looking documents, maintaining consistency in your brand’s visual identity, and saving time and money in the process, your firm can establish a strong brand identity and attract more clients.

Infographics and Graphics to better explain processes


MAP Accountancy firm based in Manchester were looking a bespoke graphic to explain and help visualise a key component of their sales process. MAP needed to show clients the different levels within their Finance Maturity Curve – and explain what was included in each level. The graphic was to be used to share with new and old clients, for use on their website homepage and across social media.


The Finance Maturity Curve (FMC) started as a hand drawn graphic and went through several different stages before ending on the final design (last image) which is now used throughout MAP’s communications to clients.


MAP now use the final graphic across all platforms and it has helped them sign up new clients on the back of the FMC graphic and it’s clear and precise message for both staff communicating the information to new clients, and the clients themselves.

If you’re looking for bespoke process graphics or infographics, please contact us today for more information.

Video editing for social media and recruitment


MAP Accountancy firm based in Manchester were looking for a unique video to be posted across social media, to gain interest in recruitment. Finding the right candidates for the vacant positions was paramount for MAP and they wanted a video to show the team culture and values at MAP.

Square1 were happy to help and set up a day for recording the team in an interview style while also integrating some candid shots of the work office. Using existing MAP branded intro animations and theme song, we set out to create the videos that were to be shared on LinkedIn and Facebook.



MAP shared the videos on social media and also across recruitment agencies which resulted in them hiring 2 new staff to fill their vacant roles and also hiring 4 new apprentices to spread the work across the team more efficiently. The videos helped MAP get the right people for the right jobs and so cut down on the set up and training of the new team members.

If you’re looking for video recording and editing to help with your recruitment or social platforms, please contact us today for more information.

Rebranding to connect with new customers


Jim Clancy & Sons, a family run local car body repair shop required a complete re-brand of their existing company designs. Working with the managing director, he asked for the company logo to be updated but keep the existing look. In conjunction with creating new logos, letterheads, business cards and advert designs, we also created a new website for the company using Squarespace.

The company also required their social media sites to be updated so that customers could contact them via the social media platforms. We created cover pages, and social media assets for the company to share at their leisure. These assets range in content and can be used again and again to promote their business and their brand. 

Their website can be viewed at


For more information about our design costs, please contact us today to discuss further.

Infographic designs


Working with clients such as MAP and FD Works, Square1 have produced a number of graphics and infographics to help visualise the companies processes and timelines for their clients. The importance of coherent, structured and branded designs is paramount in making sure their clients have a clear understanding of the procedures.


For more information about our infographic design costs and individual design costs, please contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Branding solutions and development


We understand how having the right brand image for your business can get your company noticed and make you stand out from the rest. We have one ambition: to deliver creative and inspiring branding designs that get you noticed. We will work with you to create the brand image that is right for your business.

Recently Square1 had the fantastic opportunity to develop and implement a unique brand voice across four different care homes, ranging from logo designs and marketing materials to fully responsive websites. Working with each care home individually , we helped them find the brand image and voice that was unique to them.



For more information about our branding package costs, please contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Logo design and development


Working with our clients, we have helped develop and produce a number of visually striking logos, each tailored to the clients ideas, needs and brand image. Whether you are a startup business looking for your unique brand voice, or an established business looking to refresh or overhaul your logo, we can help.


For more information about our package costs and individual design costs, please contact us today to discuss further.

Illustrations and animations


3ManFactory are a creative agency with clients across the UK. Developing strategies they help create web, print, digital and film, and deliver marketing campaigns for all kinds of organisations. Square1 specialise in creative and imaginative illustrations and were set the task by 3ManFactory to help visualise a set of character illustrations for one of their clients. With a full brief of characters and character expressions, we set out to produce over 20 different characters, each which 10 different expressions and alternative clothing, to be used over the course of a marketing campaign.



After development with 3ManFactory, we decided on a general look and style for the characters and moved on to produce all the characters in accordance with the brief. Using the latest animation programs, we also set out to produce short featurettes for their client using the whole set of characters.

3ManFactory’s website can be viewed at

For more information about our illustration costs, please contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Newsletter design and video animation


Bulletproof Agency Network was launched in February 2017, with a mission to unite industry experts and thought leaders on how to scale a thriving, profitable and robust digital agency. A joint initiative between MAP, RiskBoxUK and BLM, Bulletproof Agency Network’s Podcasts, webinars and Events have reached a wide and diverse audience over the past 3 years.

Working with The Bulletproof Network Agency, we helped them create a quarterly newsletter to be sent out to all their clients via email. We also created a video introduction for their series of webinars aimed at helping their clients with business needs.



The newsletter is compiled of four separate articles from each company – MAP, RiskBox Ltd, BLM Law and Xentum – each with an insight into certain topics to help clients. We created the newsletter as a digital and printable file so it can be sent out in email campaigns and also printed at the highest quality. The articles within the newsletter are also separated so that they can be shared on social media with links back to the relevant websites.

The Bulletproof Network Agency also covers some of the articles within the monthly webinars that they host online, aimed at helping their clients further – we helped edit these webinars into stand alone videos on YouTube and also developed an introduction animation and theme tune.

Their website can be viewed at

For more information about our package costs and individual design costs, please contact us today to discuss how we can help your business grow.

Brand development and packaging designs


Square1 helped develop brands for JemChem, JemGas, WaterJems and SaniJems including logos, packaging and label designs to be printed on products. In a sea of online products, it’s important to make the brand stand out above the competitors. Our client had some great ideas and input in the branding process which were expanded on developing the packaging designs.



Working with the owner, we developed a number of brand logos and imagery for all four brands. We created labels and packaging for each individual product that also included all the MSDS information in line with the chemical hazard information that needs to be displayed on the labels.

The products can be viewed at and

For more information about our package costs and individual design costs, please contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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